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- Strengthen & Lengthen 
- Strengthen  Lengthen Post Natal Pilates Program

Join me on the ultimate 6 week course to strengthen & lengthen your whole body from head to toe

Pilates With April Moon Is Proud To Present Strengthen & Lengthen


Strengthen & Lengthen Post Natal Pilates Program


Is Your Job Is Giving You Aches & Pains, Bad Posture & A Weak Core?

It's Perfect For Hairdressers, Teachers, Beauticians, Golfers, Nurses, Carers, Gardeners, Waitresses, The List Is Endless!

Or Maybe You Just Want To Work On Strengthening Your Joints Or Gain Flexibility?

If you're also post natal you can enjoy my post natal program!


Strengthen & Lengthen Is The Ultimate 6 Week Course To Help You Quite Literally Strengthen & Lengthen Your Whole Body From Head To Toe.

It's Perfect For All Abilities & Levels Of Fitness, Even If You're A Complete Beginner & Never Done Pilates Or Yoga Before!


What's Included -

-3 Sessions Per Week Ranging From 15 - 30 Minutes (No Two Classes Are The Same & It Has Been Designed To Get Progressively Harder So Your Body Adapts & Grows Stronger Throughout The Course)

- Tutorial On How To Find Your Perfect Posture &

Neutral Pelvis

- 10 Minute Body Scan Meditation

- 5 Minute Beginning & End Of The Day Stretches

- 2 Minute Stretches To Practice At Work

- Flexibility Test To Monitor Your Progress


You Simply Log In To The Online Course & Away You Go!

P.s - You can also get a FREE sample class too!

Sign Up Down Below

For Both Courses- 

April Moon - CourseCraft 

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How often do you stretch? 

As humans we are always rushing around after work, running around after the little ones or not stretching after the gym.

My 6 week course will help you to relax the muscles and lengthen from head to toe

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Do you feel zen?

When do find the time to actually connect with ourselves? The yoga sections of the course help you to connect with your breathing, which allows us to breathe into our lives to help us to relax. A 10 minute mediation is also included, for that added extra zen like feeling we all crave. 

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Find The Perfect Posture

Did you know our muscles have memory? Whatever we do, how we stand, lay, sit, our muscles are always remember that exact posture that we then replicate throughout our day to day life? Strengthen and lengthen helps you to find your neutral alignment, which will help you to grow taller and feel longer form head to toe.

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